Introducing Pluxcon IT's IT Outsourcing Services.
Website Outsource
We do development & publishing of your static websites and wordpress based websites.

From Dev to Publishing

From website design to development, Pluxcon IT provides you one-stop solution. Using Webflow, we provide fast mock-ups and base development.

After Services

After the development is done, Pluxcon IT provides free after service for a month, for bug fix and minor fixes.
* After service does not include changes in design or contents.

Discount on Hosting

Clients receive 40% discount on our Shared Hosting to host their own websites.

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Program Dev & Server Management
We develop NodeJS programs and manage Linux & Windows Server on your behalf.

Always Secure

Every security have holes. Pluxcon IT automatically patches security vulenerables in OS or hardware. We also set up basic security measures.

Always Worry Free

Pluxcon IT have 24/7 server manager, immediately taking actions when your server is down or showing errors.

Always Hassle Free

We help you by developing NodeJS programs and deploying them in your own servers.

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